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One of my FAVORITE families to photography — is of course my own. The problem with this, is that sometimes it can take me awhile to get around to editing and posting these pictures. So sorry, Sarah! October may have been awhile ago, but I still wanted to share these pictures with you.

Since we have lived in Texas, one of the only things I truly miss is fall. There is something about the crisp air, changing leaves and apple orchards that feels so right. This means I will take any opportunity I can get to visit the midwest in the fall. I also will take any opportunity I can get to love on my nephews. Oh, how I love them. I’m hoping of these days they’ll get to come visit us in Austin, but for now, my random trips to them will have to do. Since I last saw them, they have actually moved to Alabama. I’m not sure how they survived a 12-hour drive with 3 little kids, but somehow they did. My sister in law also started a blog, so if you’re in to that sort of thing and want to follow along, you can do so here.

Enough talk. Time for pictures. Here is a collection of some of my favorite moments with them. We hung out at home, went to the Tall Tree Arboretum and Gardens, and of course had to visit County Line Orchards to fill up on apples + donuts. SO GOOD.

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